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2023 AVN Expo & Awards Show - The best new sexy products I found at the Adult Video Network Show

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Alas! It has been 3 years since the AVN's (Adult Video Network Awards) has had a show in Las Vegas. Between Covid putting a pause on all life from 2020-2021, and the original venue of the awards show the Hard Rock Hotel - selling to Virgin properties, this has been the first AVN expo and awards show in three years.

Foxxy at the 2023 AVN Expo & Awards Show

I'm pretty happy they moved the show from the Hard Rock to the brand new Hilton Resorts World. The property is beautiful and connects to 3 Hilton resorts properties right off the strip - conveniently across the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This is my 4th AVN Expo - and my 6th year as a content creator in the adult industry. I'm super excited to make some new friends, check out all the new products that have surfaced in the last few years and check out everything else in between the show has to offer.

Strict Enforcement of Dress Code

Strict enforcement of dress code was enforced at the AVN expo has been on the dress code situation. It was kind of like going back to school - dressed in your cutest outfits to get turned around when you walk through the door from your teacher. A couple of my friends got sent back to their room to change before entering the expo this year. There were no G strings allowed on the floor -and if you were wearing something sheer - pasties & thong required.

There are 3 exhibit halls this year at AVNS - one mostly for adult novelty products, another for mostly cam models and streaming sites -and another hall focusing on LGBTQ - which I love the addition of the LGBTQ exhibits and events incorporated in this years show.

I'm hanging out with the MFC models! MFC ( is the presenting sponsor of the AVN Award Show and the #1 largest web camming community in the world. MFC receives over 30 million unique visitors per month, over 20 million registered members - 200,000 registered models and is one of the top 1000 websites on the internet by traffic.

MFC Models at the 2023 AVN Expo & Awards Show

I am always really excited to get to the show and meet the other models at the MFC booth. MFC is a women's only streaming site, so most of their model meet-ups and special events are exclusive to MFC models and ladies at the event. It is exciting to meet other women who are as excited about creating content as I am. Many of the models I met at the event would wake up early in the morning at 6am to shoot a scene, attend the show all day - and stay up late to attend all the after parties and events. These women are so inspiring!

I love to meet other models to discuss content creation techniques and collaboration opportunities! I learn more from these shows than I do anywhere else! So many talented artists that have really focused in on their art and creation methods.

Behind the booth is always a super fun time. MFC provides the models with tons of swag, food, snacks, drinks -everything we need to survive the full 4 days at the show. There are a couple MFC booths placed around the convention floor - and models can stream live at the booth, interact with fans and take tips on site for fan requests.

Foxxy at the MFC Booth at the 2023 AVN Expo & Awards Show

I spend a couple hours at the booth each day - but I'm also scouring the trade show floor for the newest and best products to enhance the intimacy experience. In addition to being an online content creator - I travel to some of the sexiest kink, lifestyle, fetish and swinger parties across the globe - and am always looking for new sexy products to take back to my foxy friends.

This one caught my attention. As an avid traveler - traveling often a few times a month - I am always looking for travel savvy toys to take with me on the road. THIS PRODUCT IS BRILLIANT. Developed by a dentist - the My Pleasure Plus boasts not only a perfect smile - but a wild pinpoint precision orgasm to match. The vibrating toothbrush has 4 settings - and comes with both a toothbrush attachment and a "lollipop" attachment - (this is where the real fun comes in). Conveniently - packed away in a purple travel case, the my pleasure plus gets through security undetected and without the awkward bag search question. Oh goodness :) I tried the My Pleasure Plus - and let me tell you! I give this one a 5 star rating. The 4th setting really takes the lollipop to magical places - and the ability to precision point my orgasms are a real treat. This toy is also not very noisy, which is nice when visiting friends or staying over someones house as a guest.

I have been wanting to try one of these bluetooth wireless toys for a while! I was excited to pick one up at the Svacom booth, but they also had some other very interesting interactive toys for men and women on display at the show. I love the interactive toys - being able to connect remotely is so interesting and great for someone like me on the road all the time! Also super great for the stream - for fans to control and interact!

Take a seat - the Motorbunny is a motorized riding sex toy/seat that comes with a variety of attachments that vibrate to a woman or mans pleasure. This is a REALLY fun time. The starter Motorbunny package is priced at $999.00 - which is more affordable than it's competitor the Sybian - which retails at $1,245.00. The device is also compatible with siri!

I'm really excited to try some of my new sexy toys and samples out I picked up at the show. I'll be updating the blog weekly with a new review! So Be sure to subscribe to our blog to stay in the loop of all the sexy best and new products for the bedroom.

We're traveling to the sexiest parties, trade shows and conventions in 2023 - so stay tuned, and stay foxy.

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