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F*ck your burn: Getting Ready for Burning Man

The time of year has come where my friends are all loading up their RV's and campers to make their way out to Black Rock City for Burning Man.

I'm not going to Burning Man this year. I went last year and had an amazing time with some of my best friends and made all the amazing memories. But I'm doing other adventures this year, and will return to the Black Rock City - another time.

But, I have a lot of friends that are first timers headed to the desert, a couple of them stopping by over the next couple of days to borrow items for the playa. And I'm so stoked to send them on and see them before they go off into the desert for whatever their journey maybe. Because it damn sure is a journey.

Foxxy's No Fuss Burning Man Packing List

  • Bring all the outfits - even though you'll probably just end up wearing your same couple of favorites over and over.

  • Wet wipes. You're going to be whore bathing it a lot over the next couple of days.

  • Something that is so handy are these solar heating shower bags / heads - freaking game changer. Nothing beats ANY kind of shower in the middle of the desert.

  • A tent - with a dust shield. You don't want to wake up choking on dust because you fell asleep in a dust storm (also, don't forget to close the sheild)

  • Air Mattress - trust me, it's much more comfortable in a tent on an air mattress than the floor.

  • Camping Chair

  • Thermals and thermal sleeping bag - the desert can get cold in the evening and early morning hours.

  • Googles - and carry them at all times; you never know when a dust storm might hit

  • Bandana / face mask - again, with the dust

  • A bike - the playa will be not near as fun without a bike. Be sure to bring a tire pump, patches, etc. to keep your bike in tip top shape.

  • Bike Lights - you will want to be sure to add lights to your bike and reflectors to keep you safe riding the playa at night

  • Giveaways and gifts - little gifts are common on the playa. Bring something fun to give to new friends you meet on your adventures.

  • Metal bowl and multi fork,spoon,knife tool. You'll want to take these with you on your adventures in case you stop by any cool food camps (bao buns, late night grilled cheese, sushi rolls - you never know what snacks you might run into on the playa)

  • Waterbottle/canteen - again, carry every where you go.

  • Camelback - stay hydrated out there friends! The desert can get hot! It hit 100 degrees several times while I was there.

  • Playa boots - you will never wear these again, unless to another burn. They will be covered in red desert dust forever as long as they don't disintegrate.

  • Toilet Paper - you have to bring your own toilet paper to the playa.

Things to know:

Be cool man. Black Rock City Police are in full force and patrolling hard for speed violations and other potential violations (hide your drugs, man. BE COOL.) They're not super friendly over 420 either - so stick to vapes and keep it chill.

LEAVE NO TRACE MAN - This means LEAVE NO TRACE. Don't pee on the playa. Don't spit on the playa. Don't dump your water on the playa. Leave the playa as you found it!

The porta-potties are cleaned twice a day - at 12am and 12pm. These are actually pretty clean for the most part - but I would avoid using the porta-potties in the late/early hours of the night in the deep playa. Just a suggestion.

WEAR LIGHTS AT NIGHT - The playa is wild at night with art cars, bicyclists and motorists zooming around. Wear reflective clothing and make sure you light up your bike - and even yourself to stay safe wandering at night.

If you stay to watch the man burn - you'll want to leave right after to beat the car line. Otherwise, you might spend hours trying to exit the festival grounds.

Pics from my burn:

Ah, it's so good to look at these after a year has passed and remember the Black Rock City - and I'm so excited for all my friends making it to Burning Man this year! Have a Happy Burn Ya'll!

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