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Get The Layer: A Waterproof Intimacy Blanket to protect your sheets and seats...

Get the Layer - Protection from lube, squirting, period sex, wax, food & ice play, anal sex and the good ol' wet spot.

Who hasn't ended up in the dreaded wet spot at the end of the night, or ruining their sheets and mattress pads after a hot session with our battery operated boyfriends.

This soft, absorbent, waterproof, and noiseless, intimacy blanket can hold up to 4+ cups of liquid, is hypoallergenic, machine washable - and perfect for both home and travel. Perfect to protect the sheets and your seats!

The standard layer is 3ft in diameter, and easy to pack on the go or store away in your bedside table. Durable and tested to withstand 300+ washings. No prewash necessary, wash with warm like colors. Dry medium. No fabric softener. Warm iron if needed on fabric side.

The Layer also comes in a Large size 52" x 66" (picture below on a King Size bed). Perfect for larger areas...and you know - groups : D

AND there's a PRIDE Layer (which we are so excited about!) in support for the LGBTQIA+ community, featuring a rainbow tag! (this is the one I have!)

The Layer is also a woman owned, created and inspired business! We are always so excited to find products created and inspired by woman in the sex positive space!

I had put it to the test at home! I didn't get a full 4 cups of water (my house is on a slant) - but I did get about 2 cups, and I was amazed there wasn't a single drop on my bed sheets (until of course I ended up spilling it all anyways - it's waterproof, not user proof).

You can get your own by visiting - and if you use the code: STAYFOXY - you will receive 10% off your order!

Be sure to subscribe for all the foxiest new stuff for the bedroom - and to stay foxy with us!

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