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How to Start an Only Fans

Updated: Jan 16

Starting an OnlyFans page can be incredibly appealing for many reasons. With some models making seven figures on the platform, the lure of easy money draws in loads of creators. Additionally, the flexibility offered is unparalleled by most jobs. OnlyFans creators are able to honor their own boundaries by creating the content they want to create, when they want to create it, and have complete freedom over how they want to structure their page and what they want to charge. For many creators on the site, including myself, they’re simply monetizing what they already love to do. Another perk is that OnlyFans isn’t limited to supermodel types- in general, the fans are looking for “real” people to connect with, so not fitting in to a conventional mold of beauty won’t hinder your ability to thrive on the site.

However, few truly understand what it will take to be successful. The top 1% of creators on the platform earn roughly $10k per month, but this number is cut in half with creators in the top 2% making around $5k, and creators in the top 10% making around $1k. These figures change constantly since OnlyFans ranks creators based on the past 30 days of income, but these rough numbers demonstrate how few models actually earn a livable wage on the site. Many new creators assume that once they upload some content, fans will flock to their page. Unfortunately, OnlyFans has practically no internal traffic, so the marketing is entirely up to the creator. Unless you already have a huge social media following, it will be grueling work to build your OnlyFans page, but with consistency, the payoff will be completely worthwhile. The reality is that most creators will get discouraged and drop off the platform because they have a skewed perception of what it will take and view it as an opportunity to earn a quick buck rather than as a business that will require effort to build. Having said that, I absolutely believe that anyone can earn six figures on the platform if they’re willing to invest the time and energy to get it up and running. The majority of my time spent working is centered around activities like queuing posts and messages, marketing, editing pictures and videos, networking, and analyzing data to figure out what’s working. The fun parts of my job- creating content and building relationships with fans- are just a tiny piece of what it takes to be successful. If you’ve read this far without being deterred, here are some of the basic tips I share with my coaching group:

Getting Started: 1) Use someone’s referral code when signing up! This often comes with perks like free promo or coaching. Click here to use my referral code to be added to my coaching group for FREE.

2) Figure out your brand or niche. This can be authentic or completely made up, but this will be your online persona, so make sure it’s sustainable for you. You can get ideas by checking out other creators’ social media accounts. Are you going for a glossy, model vibe with nothing but professional photos? Are you the hot mom next door who takes sexy selfies in her bedroom? Are you an e-girl with adorable makeup and accessories? Are you in to fitness with loads of yoga and weight lifting pictures? There is room to do this however you want, but again, consistency is huge.

3) Begin filming loads of clips and taking photos. Aim to have around 50 pieces of content to upload- the media count will be visible on your profile and nobody will subscribe to someone with just a few pieces of content on their page.

4) Create social media accounts for your new persona and begin loading them with content. It is extremely important to follow terms of service for each site. Twitter allows nudity, but for all other sites, avoid even implied nudity. No hand bras or stickers. Keep it super PG. I recommend securing your username on EVERY platform even if you don’t plan to use it initially. Using the same tag across every platform makes it much simpler for fans to follow you everywhere.

5) Above all, get organized! All of the successful models that I know are detail oriented and organized. Create a system to label each video. I personally label videos something like this S1, L2, BG3, etc. The letters in front signify whether it is a solo, lesbian, or b/g video. Then I use spreadsheets to track all the relevant info- what’s in the video (believe me, you’ll forget eventually), when was the last time I posted it, how much did I charge for it, how many sold, etc? This may seem tedious at first, but believe me, it will help you loads down the road. I store and label each video on my hard drive, OF vault, and DropBox as well, so it’s always backed up and easy to access.

Other Things to Consider: 1) Setting up an LLC. Reach out to an accountant to help you with this process. It costs a few hundred dollars to set up, but saves you enormously on taxes. 2) Equipment to buy. You don’t need all of this to start, but I highly recommend investing in the following equipment once you’re able. a. A high-quality phone or camera. I personally use an iPhone 13. b. A phone/camera stand c. Lights- I use soft box lights, but know people who get by with ring lights. 3) Apps to download. a. Telegram – this is the BEST networking site. b. DropBox – to store and organize your content. c. Google Voice – to have a second number for all your work-related apps. d. Canva – to create flyers and menus. e. PicsArt – to easily edit photos. f. InShot – to edit videos and create teasers. I recommend the premium version to get rid of the watermark.

4) What type of page or pages you’ll want to have. There are several ways to set your page up. You can have a paid page or a free page. A free page makes all the money through PPV sales and tip campaigns. Paid pages can be run a few different ways. You can have a lower subscription price and use free trial links to gain fans. These pages still operate similarly to a free page with most of the income generated through PPV and campaigns. Another model is an all-inclusive (non-PPV) higher subscription page. OnlyFans allows creators to have two pages and I highly recommend taking advantage of that. I personally have a lower priced page that mostly relies on PPV sales and I use that to channel fans to my VIP page where there is no pay-per-view or ads for other creators and the income is purely from subscriptions and tips.

5) Setting up a website or link tree. Many creators use a link tree to have all of their links in one place and avoid social media bans. I personally have found it preferable to have my own domain which I host through GoDaddy. GoDaddy also makes it easy to create your own site. For around $150, I was able to create an amazing site and have my own domain. So, you’ve got your page up and running with around 50 pieces of content, now what? Attracting fans can be daunting at first. The key is growing your social media accounts and networking. Use Telegram or Twitter to find other creators to do SFS (shoutout for shoutout) with. Finding a balance between promoting your page without overloading it with spam is key. You may also consider buying promo or if you’ve used someone’s referral code, hopefully they offer free or discounted promo. Many top creators also offer coaching groups and these can be an extremely worthwhile investment. Consistency is crucial, don’t be discouraged if it takes a little time. The opportunities provided by OnlyFans and other sites are incredible and completely worth the initial growing pains. Want to know more about the author, check out her website below: - Click Here Use her referral link to create your own page and be added to her coaching group for free:


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