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My Favorite Vape: Strio Smoke - Discreet 420 Vapes

These are some of my favorite 420 vape batteries. I came across these in a smoke shop in Dallas one day and I've been HOOKED ever since. I love how discreet these batteries are - especially when I'm traveling or when in public settings.

I love the sleek design of these Cartboys that work with any 510 thread cartridge. This is the Cartboy 3g Battery and it can heat up to a 3G cart.

2.8V - 4.0V voltage - the temperature is easy to adjust to with the dial at the bottom of the battery. Take it low for a smooth and mellow hit, or crank it all the way to the right for a heavy punch to the lungs. (I keep mine at a steady 3.2v on a 1g cartridge - a powerful hit, but doesn't burn the terps. )

Easy to charge with any c-charger. Just plug in at the bottom of the battery for about 20 minutes for a full charge.

How to use: The cartridge port is easily accessible by pulling the bottom dial down, releasing the cover of the battery. Fits up to a 3g - 510 thread cartridge.

Available in a variety of color options. Shop Strio Cartboy 3g >>

But, shut the front door - when I was on their website I stumbled across these Strio 1g Sherlocker 510 batteries. I'm all about the aesthetics. Such a conversational piece to use with friends, at parties or a low key vape sesh - add to cart >>

But, my first Cartbox was one of these - Strio Cartbox Pro 2g 510 battery. I really like the compact design of these - flat, easy to fit in your pocket or purse. Discreet design and compatible with up to a 2g cartridge. I had my first one for almost a year with no problems - I think it was the longest running vape I had that hadn't burnt out on me (heavy daily consumption).

You can use this code 'stayfoxy' compliments of me for a 10% discount at the website.

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