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The Oui'd Haus - 420 inspired, creator friendly bed and breakfast in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

A 420 inspired bed & breakfast curated by artist and photographer and artist Lilli Cay. The bed and breakfast is located on Lake Hamilton - near Hot Springs, Arkansas. Lilli renovated the home during covid into a funky and eclectic bed and breakfast for creators and cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy.

“The walls were all white when I moved in” Lilli says about the property. She painted renovated the entire home to have creative energy and welcomes other creatives, artists and cannabis enthusiasts to come stay and create in the space.

When Lilli is not home creating in her space - she is traveling the United States in her converted sprinter van, making art with other creatives across the country.

The home is located on Lake Hamilton - and about 10 minutes from America’s first National Park - Hot Springs National Park.

The area is rich in American history - from gangsters to madams and visitors from around the world who came through to bathe in the healing waters of the natural thermal hot springs found in the area.

Gangsters, Major League Baseball, Gambling and brothels - the rich history of Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot Springs, Arkansas is a city rich in American history and culture. Nestled along the Ouachita Mountain range - the town was annexed into the United States in 1803 as part of the Louisiana purchase.

America’s First National Park

Although established before the National Park Service - Hot Springs was the first “protected reservation” established in 1862 - to preserve the thermal hot springs found in the area.

Bathhouse Row

In the 1930's over a million baths a year were given in the hot springs. People have flocked to the Hot Springs from around the world to bathe in the “healing” mineral waters that had been discovered in the area.

Mountain Valley Water

Hot Springs, Arkansas is home to Mountain Valley Water. The water company has been bottling the area’s natural spring water since 1871. There is a museum on Central Ave. to learn more about the history of the historic water company.

Gangsters, prostitutes, gambling and Major League Baseball

From the early 1920's until 1964 - gangsters from across the United States would come to the Hot Springs to retreat, vacation and sometimes evade arrest. From moonshine - to gambling, Arkansas was an important hub for gangsters to run and do business. It is said that Capone also had a secret poker house located on Lake Hamilton (located right next door to the Oui’d Haus). The Arlington Hotel Al Capone had a secret tunnel that ran from room 33 from the Arlington hotel underneath the city - so he could get between clubs and other areas of town without being seen. The historic hotel turns 100 years old in 2023 and still exists on Central Avenue. By the 1930's there were 7 brothels in Hot Springs - Madame Maxine running one of the most successful brothels in the country off Central Avenue from 1945 until the 1970's. Maxine could often be seen in her pink cadillac cruising down Central Ave dressed to the 9's with her newest and finest ladies in the backseat. She had two brothels in town - one located on Central Ave - the other an upscale mansion just around the corner. The brothel on Central ave still stands - and is a popular burlesque/drag and performance venue and restaurant (trust me, try the pizza! up to 20lbs of Chicago style deep dish!

Major League Baseball - Spring Training

The Major League Baseball league had a huge presence in Hot Spring, Arkansas.

From the 1800's to the 1930's many of the Major Leagues sent their players to the hot springs to train and relax & recover in the resort towns healing hot springs.

The warmer climate was ideal for teams to send their players to

practice - and the players enjoyed the fun trouble they could find in

the bustling resort town as well.

The town hosted many of the greats - Babe Ruth, Cy Young, Jackie Robinson, Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Rogers Hornsby and Hank Aaron among others all came to town to play.

Whittington Park was the most popular ball field in town - and you can still visit home plate - located in a parking lot. Babe Ruth once hit a 500 foot home run at Whittington Park - with the ball landing in the alligator farm across the street, that still exists today.

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