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What are you wearing to Naughty Nawlins 2023?

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

It is the hottest question of the week - "What are you wearing to Naughty Nawlins"?

If you haven't booked your tickets yet - book them now! the convention is only five weeks away - and you have just enough time to order your costumes and accessories for all the sexy extravaganzas and events.

Here are the nightly themes for the week:

We put together a couple of foxy costume ideas for you for each themed evening event! Be sure to leave enough time for shipping! Or - plan to stop into Hustler Hollywood across the Crowne Astor Hotel Wednesday night from 3pm - 6pm for a special Naughty Nawlins 20% Hustler Hollywood

Sexual Freedom Parade & 25th Silver Anniversary Ball

This years sexual freedom parade is a special one! This is the 25th year anniversary for Naughty Nawlins - so we will be marching in silver (instead of the regularly themed white attire). Pic from last year. Thousands of march the streets in celebration of sexual freedom, featuring costumes, parades, performers and floats.

Wear light weight clothing, that is breathable and comfortable. It is July in Nawlins folks! It is cooler in the evening, but can still get toasty if you're walking and dancing. And wear comfortable walking shoes! The parade is about a mile long on cobblestone streets. Here are some of our outfit ideas for the 25th Anniversary Silver Extravaganza and sexual freedom parade.

What else to wear & bring?

  • Lingerie

  • Swimsuits for the daily pool parties (but, they are topless)

  • Comfortable walking shoes / sandals

  • Sexy accessories & toys

  • Pineapple apparel (of course!)

  • Pasties & Body Jewelry are always fun!

The party is just 5 weeks away! If you haven't booked your rooms & passes yet - book now to join us at at the naughtiest party of the summer!

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