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Join date: Jan 21, 2023


Hi foxy friends - My name is Foxxy!

I am so excited to share all my foxxy adventures, photos and stories with you here on The Fox Den!

A little about me: I am Cheif Editor & Bossfoxx here at the Fox Den! I am a content creator, Playboy Centerfold, webcam model, writer and blogger - traveling the globe to the foxxiest adventures, destinations, trade shows and resorts.

My interests: Cannabis, sexuality, food & travel, content creation, art & design. Most my posts are exploring the most innovative products and experiences in psychedelics, cannabis, sensuality & intimacy, food and travel. I have a passion for art and content creation - and share all the behind the scenes footage from my foxy content retreats and photoshoots from across the globe!

What inspires me: Living an authentic life filled with pleasure, fun and plenty of sunshine!

You can follow all my pages here and be sure to click that follow button in the top right to get all my new posts and photos here at the den!


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    Official Lady of the Fox Den
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  • Model
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