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DestinationFoxx: 30 days on the Frontier GoWild all you can fly pass

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

I had seen the Frontier Go Wild All You Can Fly Pass advertised all Summer. The budget airline began offering a 6 month and annual pass earlier this year - but what’s the catch?

I had been hesitant to purchase the pass all year - but this summer, the airline announced a 30 day trial of the pass with just a $50 activation fee - and then, I could have the option to rebook monthly at $150/month or $299 for a pass active Sept 2-February 29

The stipulations

*passengers must book your travel no earlier than 24 hours before travel. Passengers may book up to 10days in advance, and will need to pay an early booking fee + taxes and fees

*Passengers are still responsible for applicable taxes & fees (roughly $15 each flight)

*Bags and carry ons - baggage fees still apply - you are allowed (1) small personal item (think laptop bag or small backpack), carry ons and checked luggage (40lb weight limit) will be

Activation for 30 day pass: $50

The pros

Affordable airfare - I spent $272.97 on flights this month + the $50 activation fee to fly unlimited for 30 days.

International flights

You can also book on any of Frontiers international flights - Dominican Republic, Cancun, Montego Bay, Canada

…not bad…

This is what I normally would fly in a month, and it definitely saved me on what I normally would spend in a month for air travel.

The cons

Limited flight availability - available flights on the pass go quick. Nonstops are the first to go - and sometimes all that is left are flights with wild 12+ hours or overnight layovers.

Early booking fees - you can book up to 10 days before travel, but if you book before the 24 hour departures window, you will be charged an early booking fee.

Sneaky snakes 🐍 so I went to Charlotte for a Tradeshow and I was going to book a flight home on Saturday (my 24 hour booking window) for Sunday. On Friday - I had checked the flights and all the flights on the go wild pass had sold out. I got nervous because the other flights and airlines were $300+ to book last minute - so I booked the same flight full price with frontier for $177. A day later, when I checked the flights in the morning - the $15 flight had opened back up, so I canceled the more expensive flight to book the more affordable ticket. I received a partial credit of $55 - as per their refund policy.

This is budget travel, y’all -

This is not for the extravagant traveler. This is definitely a pass and experience for budget traveler and those used to not flying in first class.

Bag fees

You still have to pay for checked baggage and carry on fees. Frontier recently lowered their checked bag weight limit to 40lbs per checked bag - and also started charging for carry on luggage. Travelers are allowed (1) small personal item (think laptop bag or regular small backpack)

Final thoughts

Although not always the most convenient and definitely not for the luxurious traveler- the Frontier all you can fly pass offers a budget friendly way to fly to over 49 domestic destinations and 8 international airports.

Great for the budget conscious traveler, quick trips and for travelers with flexible itineraries.

I ended up getting the 6 month pass that is valid from Sept 2 - Feb 29, 2024. I joined a FB group with other Go Wild Pass holders to make new friends and adventure buddies - And I’m ready to fox around the next 6 months to all the destinations Frontier can get me to.

You can still try the all you can fly pass for just $50 for 30 days and see if this pass is for you! But hurry- I’m not sure how long this deal will last!

Get the go wild pass directly from the frontier website at

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